The answer is typically no. There are however exceptions. This page can help you understand more about how to work with your insurance company.

  • What is your insurance is for: Typically insurance will cover the damage resulting from ice dams( interior damage, damage to vehicles etc)
  • Wouldn’t my my insurance company want to avoid paying for these damages?: Theoretically yes, however they would go broke if they had to pay for every icicle/ice dam on every house they insured.
  • When would the company MAYBE pay to remove?  They may pay for ice dam removal if it will lessen or mitigate the damage. In those cases, they usually only pay for the ice dam removal that is causing the leaking and damage. They may pay for a quarter or half of the ice dams that are present.
  • How do I find out if my insurance policy covers removal or resulting damage from ice dams? Speak to your insurance agent and ask them to review your policy, talk to them BEFORE it happens
  • insurance typically does cover the damage resulting from ice dam, so if you do encounter interior damage, Boston Ice Dam removals experts can help try to get the cost of any necessary repairs covered by your insurance.